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Unhappy with your current web host but don’t know what to do?

Switch today to Hostpapa and we will help you move with our FREE migration service.

HostPapa is committed to making it easy to transfer your website to your new hosting account. We can transfer your website files, databases, scripts, and one free domain registration transfer.

Migrate to HostPapa

One of the questions with moving web hosts is: how do I migrate everything without experiencing any downtime?

Remove that concern by taking advantage of our absolutely FREE website migration service. We take that stress away as one of our migration experts will help you through the entire process. This is what we do everyday!

Free website transfer

This is why HostPapa offers an absolutely FREE website transfer service for all new customers within their first 30-days of signup who have an existing website and want to move to Hostpapa!

We will migrate your current web Hosting account from any provider* for FREE!

You will experience NO DOWNTIME with this process. Who could ask for anything more!

We will move your website files and databases from your old web hosting account to your new HostPapa hosting account! Once your order is activated, simply request your migration via your account dashboard.

Steps for moving

Here are the Steps for Moving your Website to Hostpapa and using our experts.


Signup to a new HostPapa web hosting plan - get your welcome email.


Fill out our Website Migration form in your account dashboard.


Our migration experts will review your website, and communicate with you along the whole way.


One of our experts will move your website to HostPapa and set you up.


Sit-back and relax as we move your website to our superior platform.


Cancel your existing hosting service.

To make things easy we have a team of skilled migration technicians who can plan and migrate your website efficiently from your old hosting company to our high performance servers.

What's Included?

  • Clear and efficient communication throughout the process.
  • Free Web Host Move Migration of all website files, databases and email accounts*.
    • Moving all web site HTML files and images.
    • Moving all web site media files.
    • Moving any web site scripts or applications and testing to make sure they continue to work without problems.
    • Moving any MySQL databases.
    • Replicating your e-mail configuration.
  • Modifying your domain name nameservers to point your domain to your new account on HostPapa servers.
  • 100% satisfaction after the move - final testing to make sure all looks ok.
  • cPanel Server Migrating Work undertaken overnight to minimise any impact on your visitors.

Need help?

The PapaSquad is here when you need it.
Whether it's helping you choose a domain name, walking you through migrating your website, or configuring your cloud email system for your business, our PapaSquad experts are here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HostPapa offers their free migration service to new accounts only. You must have signed with a confirmed account and received your welcome email. You have 30-days from that email to initiate a free website migration.

  • Moving all web site HTML files and images.
  • Moving all web site media files.
  • Moving any web site scripts or applications and testing to make sure they continue to work without problems.
  • Moving any MySQL databases.
  • Replicating your e-mail configuration.

Free migration services are only offered for "as-is" transfers of website content and data.

There can be no updates to the website configuration (including website content, layout, navigation, etc.). The move is an exact replica of your website files from your previous web host.

With the exception of database connection details which may change.

Copying an existing website to a brand new domain name or changing the URL of an existing website is not included with this service.

Yes, accounts that are being upgraded that require a complete server change will get free migration service.

By using the existing web host cPanel backup generator (must be active) Full cPanel transfers include all domains, addon Domains, subdomains, and cPanel settings. This will also include your emails and email accounts.

Manual Transfers are categorized as moves that are not from another cPanel webhost. This would also include some unconventional elements of your website transfer. Some examples of manual transfer include:

  • Moving from a non-cPanel based hosting company to HostPapa.
  • Splitting addon domains into cPanel accounts.
  • Moving from a shared hosting package to a Reseller plan.
  • Moving addon domains into new cPanel sub-accounts, addon domain to addon domain, cPanel account to addon domain, addon domain to cPanel account, anything that cannot be packaged and then restored without any additional work.

Unfortunately some websites cannot be moved, even by our experienced Migration team. This is due to technical limitations of your existing web host or we simply cannot support some of the features or transfer your existing solution.

Here is our current list of web hosts/website builders that we cannot transfer:

  • VistaPrint
  • Intuit
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Website Tonight
  • Squarespace
  • Jimdo
  • Google Sites
  • Microsoft Office Live Small Business / Office 365

HostPapa also currently does not support windows based shared web hosting.

SPECIAL NOTE: We also require access to your website files. If your webhost or website builder will not provide us access (typically by FTP) then we cannot move your website files, databases or email accounts. Without access we cannot copy or transfer your information.

If you want to save your existing emails during your transfer, the easiest and fastest way is to setup a POP3 connection via Outlook or another mail client. As soon as you receive using POP3, every email received is permanently saved to your local computer. To set up your computer to receive your emails and get them from your existing hosts server. Please review these instructions.

Some hosting providers have different e-mail systems and configurations than HostPapa, and it may not be possible to transfer stored e-mails. If this is the case with you our team will advise you in advance.

If you are moving from another cPanel web host, our website migration experts will use your existing email settings and accounts to setup in your HostPapa account.

If your previous host does not utilize cPanel, then you will need to create the new email accounts in your new HostPapa cPanel control panel. It is recommended that you set up the new email accounts as soon as you can login to your HostPapa account.

Important Note: Be sure that all your existing email accounts are created in HostPapa prior to changing your nameservers or DNS of your domain name; failure to do so may result in lost, "bounced", or unreceived emails.