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Email has long been considered an essential element of any successful business. However, choosing the right email solution for your business can be daunting.

HostPapa can help! We have a variety of affordable email solutions for small business owners just like you.

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Email Features for Your Business Success

Domain email

Having an email address that is tied to your domain ( demonstrates professionalism to your customers and prospects. They know your business is legitimate and you take it seriously.

Synchronization on all your devices

Being able to access your email from anywhere also means having your inboxes and files synchronized on all of your devices. Never miss an email or a document switching between your computer and your phone.

Send large attachments

As you are able to store large files, you are able to send them too. HostPapa email services offer the possibility to send large file attachments; limits are subject to your chosen package.

Access from anywhere

Access your email from anywhere, on all your devices. The convenient interfaces of all our offered email options work great on screens of all sizes, never compromising on your convenience.

Sufficient storage

Never have any issues with accepting or storing large files. Storage limits depend on your package.

Anti-spam filters & security

Keep your inbox and your stored information secure with anti-spam filters and anti-phishing protection.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service, either purchased separately or as part of a web hosting package, that allows you to create a custom email address with the purpose of sending and receiving emails. Your email would be representative of your domain name or the name of your company. That is, if your domain is, then your email would be

What are the benefits of email hosting?

Email hosting makes your company look professional. With email hosting, you can use your own name coupled with your website domain to show that you are a real, established business. It's much more professional than and creates brand awareness from the get-go.

Another great benefit of email hosting is the security that it provides. With your own email hosting, you are less at risk from an attack by hackers.

Thirdly, with email hosting, you have more control. You are a paying customer and you will deal directly with your email hosting company, not any middlemen. Your hosting company will provide you with hands-on support whenever you need it.

What's included in an email hosting plan?

With email hosting, you have access to online archives, a historical record of your business' communications, that can go back as far as 5-10 years. That way, if you ever forget a contact's name, have useful information stored in an email from a client, or there's an attachment you forgot to download, it will remain in your archives.

Email hosting also allows for multiple mailboxes, something that is very handy, particularly as your business grows. Businesses often use multiple mailboxes for a whole range of tasks: an admin mailbox for general queries, a billing mailbox where invoices are managed, a customer support mailbox to deal with problems, etc. The choices are endless! It's a helpful way to keep on top of your tasks and organize your business. In addition, it adds a sense of credibility—customers will see that you are a well-organized company with various departments who take care of various functions.

When it comes to pricing, choosing an email hosting package depends on the services you require. For example, you may want to purchase email hosting on its own or as part of a bundle deal that includes web, domain, and email hosting in one go. It depends totally on your needs.

There are also various storage options, so make sure you go for one suited to your business' needs. As long as you choose an email hosting provider that allows for growth, you'll be in good hands.

Who is email hosting for?

If you're a small to medium business or even any business that is still using a free email provider service, then email hosting is definitely for you. Given that you can modify your email hosting package at any time to accommodate the needs of your business, it's definitely a service you should not overlook. Flexible, easy-to-use, secure, and privacy guaranteed. Why wouldn't you want email hosting?

How a free email service can hurt your business?

It doesn't look good for your business

Imagine if instead of handing someone a business card, you wrote your information on a napkin? A generic email address creates the same impression in a business setting and doesn't make you seem trustworthy.

It's not portable

If you ever decide to switch from Yahoo to Gmail (or any other free service), you will have to change your email address. This means you will need to reach out to everyone and inform them⁠—you will definitely lose contacts. If you have a domain email address, you own it, and it stays the same even if you switch providers.

It limits your privacy

Free email service will require you to accept a user agreement that limits your privacy. A professional email service guarantees the rock-solid privacy of your inbox.

It doesn't offer proper security options

Free email services have a lot of users and are an attractive target for hackers. A professional email service offers you an overview of the measures taken to protect your account, as well as give you options to enhance security if you so require.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses have 3 options when it comes to email services:

Option 1: In-house (on-premise) email: Internal servers handle and process email; employees connect to these systems and they are maintained by IT staff (either local or remote).

Option 2: Hosted (off-premise) email: Email operates on external servers owned by a third party, which is responsible for providing support, maintenance, and in some cases overall management (such as managed service providers or MSPs). There are free and paid options available.

Option 3: Hybrid email: This involves a combination of in-house and hosted options, with some functions residing inside the company and others operating off-site in the cloud.

With HostPapa, you get hosted email at a very affordable cost. This gives you the capacity to send and receive emails under your own company name and provides flexibility to get the set of features that your business needs.

Two of the most beneficial features are as follows:

No hardware or software to buy: With HostPapa's email solutions, there's no costly hardware to purchase and maintain. Simply set up your accounts, and forget it. We take care of all maintenance and system upgrades, so you can focus on your business!

Supported by our experts: If you ever have questions or concerns, our specially-trained Papa Squad is here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our goal is to ensure that your email communication always runs smoothly.

A fee-based email service provides a unique email address that is linked to your domain name. Instead of, your email address will be, which makes it both more memorable and more credible. Furthermore, paid email services offer enhanced features, including multiple users’ synchronization with multiple devices (IMAP), and integrated contacts, calendars, file storage, and more. These features benefit end user experiences in businesses and groups.

No, having your domain registered with HostPapa is not required.

Yes. Using POP3 or IMAP allows you to manage your email service with commonly-used email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac OSX Mail, and others. All HostPapa email solutions allow you to view, send, and manage your email through the most popular email clients. If you want to take advantage of an even more robust Outlook experience, including shared calendars, contacts, and more, consider upgrading to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. Both are available through HostPapa, and we will set up and do all the administrative work for you.

No, a dedicated IP address is not required. Our email servers handle the traffic filtering on a per-account basis, since integrated Mailshell anti-spam virus protection monitors for inbound and outbound threats, thereby making a dedicated IP address unnecessary. Conversely, on a shared web hosting and email server (such as that offered via email provided with standard web hosting plans), it is highly recommended that users acquire a dedicated IP address, to avoid potential issues and possible blacklisting that may happen with shared IPs.

HostPapa email offers two types of email delivery, POP3 and IMAP4. If you plan to use webmail with only one computer or email client (such as Microsoft Outlook), it is best to use a POP account. If you will use email with more than one computer, smartphone(s), or email clients, IMAP will be your preferred option. IMAP allows all your devices to be in sync, meaning that when, for example, you delete a message on your smartphone, that message is deleted automatically on all your other devices.

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So, you want to get technical? At HostPapa, we pride ourselves on the power, security, and reliability of our hosting architecture, which means we love it when customers want to dig even deeper into our detailed specs.

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  • Outbound sending limits
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  • Ads
  • Mobile devices
  • Inbound spam protection
  • Outbound spam protection
  • Aliases per email box
  • Maximum file attachment
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Distribution groups
  • RSS feeds

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