How to list currencies in AbanteCart

AbanteCart allows you to display pricing in multiple currencies, letting customers select their local currency while shopping at your online store. As with other units used in AbanteCart, your store will offer a base currency as its default, with other currencies listed using an exchange rate for that base currency.

If you add more than one currency to your store, a Select Currency dropdown will be displayed on your storefront pages and your customers will be able to choose their preferred currency.

Currency selection

In the AbanteCart admin sidebar, click System > Localization > Currencies to view your currencies.

Currency list

You can edit the Currency Title, ISO Code and Value directly in the Currencies screen and use the Status On/Off buttons to quickly enable or disable a currency. The Action buttons to the right allow you to Edit, Save or Delete a currency.

Action buttons

To find out more about managing currencies in AbanteCart, read the following HostPapa knowledge base article: How to manage AbanteCart currency settings

For further questions or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Follow this link to learn how.

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