Take your email to the next level with HostPapa Advanced Email

  • Keep email in sync on all your devices.
  • 5GB of storage per inbox.
  • Generous sending limits.
  • Advanced anti-spam, virus, and phishing protection.

Just €2.00/month per mailbox

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An affordable option for small businesses

This professional email management solution will help you stay connected with your email, everywhere you go.

Keep email in sync

Ensure you’re getting the latest emails no matter where you check your inbox by having it synchronized on all devices.

5GB storage

Take the worry out of full inboxes with a massive 5GB of storage space.

Generous sending limits

Say goodbye to the restrictive sending limits offered by most email programs.

Unlimited IMAP connections

Stay connected on as many devices as you need with unlimited IMAP connections. Access your email anytime and anywhere.

Send large attachments

Attach files up to 35MB per email. For larger files, use the file-sharing feature!

Stay secure

Get the emails you want and ensure outbound emails are safe with anti-spam and anti-phishing protection.

HostPapa Advanced Email vs. Basic Email

Basic Email


Basic Email
available from HostPapa

Maximum # of email boxes

Priced per mailbox

Maximum IMAP connections


Maximum file attachment size


Maximum email storage capacity

1GB per mailbox


€1.00/month per mailbox

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Email provided through shared web hosting accounts is great, but has its limitations. With HostPapa Advanced Email, for mere pennies a day, the incremental gains in productivity, security, and reliability are exponential! Let’s take a closer look at default email included with web hosting and Advanced Email, head to head:

Mobile Device Compatibility
In order to maintain the integrity and performance of our shared web hosting and email servers, HostPapa’s included web hosting email limits each account to a maximum of 5 IMAP connections per web hosting account. With HostPapa Advanced Email, there’s no limit.

Here’s an example to illustrate the significance of this. Consider a small company with 3 employees: Martin, Sarah, and Ravi. Martin likes to check and respond to email on his desktop computer and Blackberry. Sarah likes to use her Macbook, iPhone, and iPad. Ravi writes email using his laptop and Android. That’s 7 devices for which an IMAP connection is needed - but default web hosting email limits the account to 5. It’s unlikely that any of these 3 employees will want to give up the convenience and efficiency of having their email in sync on all of their devices, but for a couple dollars a month, you can bet they’d be happy to have Advanced Email and not have to worry about this. And this is just one feature of Advanced Email!

Enhanced Security and Protection
With HostPapa’s included shared web hosting email, you get antivirus and spam protection when you enable SpamAssassin on your account. With HostPapa Advanced Email, you get the latest in advanced email filtering, as well as antivirus and spam protection. This will keep your email boxes free from the latest threats and nuisances, such as malware, phishing emails, and time-consuming spam.

Email Limits
HostPapa’s included shared web hosting email requires controls to help protect the integrity and performance of the shared web hosting and email servers. Essentially, these are shared computers in a community, and in order to protect the “neighbourhood”, certain rules exist in order to ensure that email servers perform optimally. Enhanced features required by our users are often not included, but are available in Advanced Email. For example, default web hosting email sets a limit of 50 outbound emails per hour per web hosting account. Considering our example of 3 employees, it’s not entirely unreasonable for them to collectively send more than 50 emails in an hour. With HostPapa Advanced Email, we’ve increased email limits to satisfy the needs of the majority of our small businesses clients, while still protecting the security and integrity of our systems. By default, each email address can send to up to 500 email messages or recipients per day. Upon request, these limits can be increased for users with special business needs. Need more? Consider upgrading to G Suite or Microsoft Office 365, both of which offer significantly higher limits.

Advanced Features
If you are running a group, organization or business, you may want (and expect) more advanced features. With HostPapa Advanced Email, you get them, including integrated contacts and calendars, file sharing and storage, and more.

Avoid common issues with shared email servers
Shared web hosting is affordable and reliable. But with shared email servers, you also get shared IP addresses. Just one HostPapa customer on your shared server sending one unsolicited email can cause a chain reaction of events that impacts you. One unwanted email that alerts a third party spam protection service (such as Spamhaus) can cause that shared IP address to be blacklisted, which then causes service disruptions to all users on that shared IP address. Our system engineers work continuously to keep our IP addresses “whitelisted” with these services. In the meantime, though, there are service disruptions to email.

There’s two ways to avoid these unnecessary disruptions: You can purchase a dedicated IP address, which isolates your email service from others on your account, for a small additional annual fee. The second option is to upgrade to HostPapa Advanced Email, which removes the need for a dedicated IP address. Advanced Email has multi-redundant IP addresses that allow for a truly redundant email solution, meaning your email will be delivered!

Storage and Archiving
HostPapa Advanced Email gives you 5GB of storage per mailbox for storing and archiving your email. You can, in effect, use this server as an email server for your office, without the need to purchase and maintain expensive equipment!

HostPapa Advanced Email is an excellent business-level hosting email platform that provides many of the features offered by Google’s Gmail (via G Suite), as well Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange and Office 365.

Similar to Google and Microsoft’s email solutions, HostPapa Advanced Email includes:

  • An easy-to-use web-based email client, with the option to use email clients like Microsoft Outlook to manage your email.
  • Unlimited IMAP connections, resulting in email that’s always in sync, updated from anywhere and on any device.
  • Email filtering that provides advanced antivirus and anti-spam protection.
  • Cloud-based file and email storage, accessible from any web browser.
  • Integrated calendar and contacts.

Compare all features (including G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, both available from HostPapa) by visiting our email solutions page.

A fee-based email service provides a unique email address that is linked to your domain name. Instead of john.doe@gmail.com, your email address will be john.doe@yourcompany.com, which makes it both more memorable and more credible. Furthermore, paid email services offer enhanced features, including multiple users’ synchronization with multiple devices (IMAP), and integrated contacts, calendars, file storage, and more. These features benefit end user experiences in businesses and groups.

Advanced email filtering, combined with anti-spam and antivirus protection, evaluates each and every email message using the latest in scanning technology. This helps determine whether the content of the message is legitimate and wanted, keeping your email box safe from the majority of threats and nuisance emails.

If you already have an email service and want to move your historical messages/data over to HostPapa Advanced Email, we can assist you with this. We can also help import your email and contacts in just a few clicks using our migration tool. You can even move your sent items.

With email services like those included with shared web hosting, there is a limit of 5 IMAP connections per web hosting account. This limitation is necessary in order to preserve the integrity of our shared server environment - without it, thousands of email addresses on shared servers would overload the system with all of the real time synchronization that would be required on a continuous basis. For HostPapa customers using multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers), a business-level email solution, such as HostPapa Advanced Email, Gmail via G Suite, or Office 365, makes perfect sense.

We've got the support you need. Whether you're planning to use your email hosting on your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or another device, we've got step-by-step instructions just for you, including your IMAP and SMTP (outbound) server information, here: /knowledgebase/configuring-email-on-a-mobile-device

Yes, with both Basic Email and Advanced Email, you can access your email using webmail - all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. This includes reading, searching, and deleting emails, as well as composing, sending, forwarding, and saving draft messages.

Yes - all individual email accounts and their affiliated data, including folders, labels, filters, signatures, and vacation replies, are set up to be account specific. This allows for individual identities with distinct settings for each email account.

The following languages are presently supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish.

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