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HostPapa acquires web hosting provider WooCart

BURLINGTON, ON - February 1st, 2022 – HostPapa, a leading global web hosting and cloud service provider for small and medium businesses (SMBs), announced today that it has acquired WooCart, a leader in optimized WooCommerce hosting solutions.

WooCart is an all-in-one turnkey ecommerce service for store owners, freelancers and marketing service providers. Created and launched in 2019 by Niteo, a remote SaaS company founded in 2007, WooCart is aimed at giving everyone the ability to sell online with just a few clicks. WooCart offers its customers unparalleled compatibility and support in managing WooCommerce-based websites.

“WooCart is an amazing success story, providing all the tools for store owners, retailers and agencies to easily build their eCommerce presence with WooCommerce. The great news is Woocart not only currently offers an incredible WooCommerce hosting experience but also a superior user experience with prebuilt integrations and bundles for building and managing your store.” said Jamie Opalchuk, HostPapa Founder and CEO.

Mr. Opalchuk continues: “WooCart will continue as a stand alone brand within our investment group. The company now has access to the capital and resources to fuel growth and continuous innovation in the eCommerce arena. In line with our mission, the goal is to offer a full range of enterprise grade solutions at an affordable price for SMBs and agencies who work with them. By enhancing WooCart’s technology and service, we will ensure the fastest and smoothest experience for all existing and future eCommerce customers.”

“The WooCart mission is to deliver all-in-one services for aspiring store owners. As our customer base grew, we have always strived to provide everyone with fast, affordable, secure and easy to use web hosting services, with a special focus on e-commerce compatibility”, noted WooCart's project lead, Dejan Murko. “We are happy to join HostPapa and help our customers gain access to their broad range of services and extensive experience in supporting the online growth of businesses. This makes HostPapa the ideal home for WooCart’s next step in online commerce. We are placing our customer base in the best hands”, concluded Dejan Murko, Project Lead.

About HostPapa

HostPapa (, based in Burlington, Ontario, is a leading web hosting and cloud services provider for small businesses across the globe that started its journey in 2006. HostPapa is committed to providing a complete array of enterprise-grade solutions to every business owner. These services, traditionally out of reach to smaller businesses, are offered in a one-stop shop, making it quick and easy for customers to select the services they need to grow. HostPapa backs these offerings with 24-7 award-winning multilingual customer support provided by a team of experts.

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